Hardware describes all components of computer system that we see and touch. This includes Keyboard, Visual Display Unit (Monitor) and Central Processing Unit. Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Flash Drive, Digital Camera and all sorts are referred to as peripherals because computer can still work without them. Meanwhile, they are also hardware.

We offer supply of brand new computer systems (Branded) and new clone systems with with a proven record of reliability and efficiency (Cloned). Our cloned systems come with at leaset a year guarantee.

We can make an analytical study of your system of operation and give a minimum recommendable hardware requirement at an affordable cost. We build computers that can accommodate future growth in workload demand and can easily be upgraded. We provide good services delivery for our clients' money.
It may be that you wish to improve your current set up and so enhance your IT investment. We can advise you on how to get the most out of your existing hardware and software. If you wish or need to upgrade your current systems we can provide you and your company with a comprehensive report, even to the door service, that can make your computers appropriately functional for your requirements.
Some of the hardware services we offer are: Consultancy Services - Computer acquisition (Sales) - Computer Repairs and Maintenance - Computer Rentals (Seminars, Workshops, e.t.c.)
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